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PermaJet are at the forefront of pioneering inkjet paper technology, enabling photographers, artists and commercial printers to create high quality prints using the finest paper in the world.
With this in mind, we are proud to present our improved FB Gold Silk 315 - new for 2020.

This 2020 update embraces the following features:

◊ A smoother, more glossy surface finish
◊ Improved coating technology

These improvements have been made to meet our customers needs, helping you achieve prints with exceptional true to life colours and beautiful monochrome tones, with pin-sharp details, a wider tonal range and an exceptional record-breaking Dmax.

FB Gold Silk is a true baryta paper and has a sumptuous feel with a Silk Gloss finish on a fine art heavyweight base of 315gsm.

This inkjet paper has been developed with a natural base tint to emulate the surface finish, texture and coating of traditional darkroom baryta/fibre based papers, making it the perfect choice for the serious monochrome worker. And, the great news is, you can still use your existing older FB Gold Silk ICC profiles without the need to create new ones.

The smooth gloss coating has been applied directly onto a true baryta layer and fibre base enabling its users to create intense, velvety blacks and subtle, creamy whites - the perfect combination for outstanding portraiture and landscape reproductions, whether in monochrome or colour.

FB Gold Silk 315

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